Starfish Education Centre is a place where you can visit for great educational advice, products, assessments and tutoring.

Starfish Education grew from an Educational Consultancy that provides highly specialised service to individuals and agencies (for children who have significant educational needs).

For example children in:

  • Out of Home Care (OoHC or Foster Care)
  • With a trauma background
  • With behavioural problems
  • With significant learning difficulties/disabilities
  • Who have chronic disengagement from formal schooling
  • Who have a history of poor school attendance
  • Who have gaps in learning

These days, Starfish Education Centre offers a consultancy for children with significant needs as well as assessment and tutoring.

The owner, Kirstie Wishart, holds a Masters Degree in Special Education, and lectured for many years at the University of Wollongong.
Kirstie continues to add to her broad and extensive knowledge by undertaking regular training in a wide variety of educationally relevant topics/area.

Kirstie spent several years on the NSW SPELD committee, and has worked with a number of other professionals with whom she maintains strong links.
As a teacher and a parent, Kirstie is always looking for the best educational games, resources and strategies to best facilitate a child’s learning.
Starfish Education Centre saves you time and money as the searching has been done for you! And, Kirstie is happy to share her knowledge, expertise and experience.

Starfish Education Centre – the best education shop around.