It is a challenge to find age appropriate things for our teenagers (and adults) with special needs.

The best fidgets for teenagers and adults are generally those that are discreet and have the “cool factor”.

I’ve put together my top fidget options for adolescents and adults below.

Desk Options

The best fidgets for teenagers and adults that sit on a desk are:

The Fidgipod –  was originally designed by an Engineer and Occupational therapist for the work environment, so people could silently run their fingers over it while reading, listening or completing tasks.  The fidgipod is made from non-toxic material.


The Desk Buddy Ruler – can sit out on the desk and look ‘to all intents and purposes’ like it is an actual ruler.  But in actual fact, it has various raised ridges to run the fingers over and provide tactile input.  I love how this fidget is cleverly camouflaged.  No one would be any the wiser.  Only thing, whilst you can use the ruler to draw lines if need be, the unit of measurement is in inches.  The desk buddy can also be bent and twisted, and is safe to chew too.


The Sensory Bookmark – is another well disguised fidget tool.  Similar to the desk buddy ruler, the book mark has raised ridges to run the fingers over but this fidget doubles as bookmark.  It’s small, bendable, chewable and clever!


The Smiley Stress Ball –  is my favourite stress ball.  It is by far our most popular stress relief item.  I like the feel of it.  It providse a reasonable amount of resistance and doesn’t easily break.  In 3 years, I’ve only ever had 2 returned (and compared to other similar squeeze/stress balls, thats a good rap).  The smiley stress ball has a small weight on the bottom which means it can sit on a desk without rolling off.



It can be handy for fidgets to be worn – so you always know where they are and they don’t fall, get lost and aren’t thrown!

The best ones I’ve found are:

The Coil wrist band – come in clear or black.  They’re sort of like the old stretchy telephone cords.  They look cool.  They’re safe to chew, but you can just play and flick them on the wrist (sort of like a rubber band).  My son’s 22yr year old girlfriend wears one just because she likes it, they are quite trendy at the moment. You’ll always have easy access to them on your wrist, so the coil wrist band definitely makes the cut.

Safety Lanyard  and  Breakaway Neck Cord – give the opportunity for a fidgeter to wear their fidget around their neck or have it handy (perhaps attached to a wheelchair for example).  Both have safety release clasps.



Teenagers and adults often want (and need) a fidget that is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and slide into the pocket are:

The Fidget Cube – these are the latest big thing, and what’s great about them is they provide 6 different fidget options (a different style of fidget on each face of the cube).  The grey, black and white fidget cubes tend to be more appealing to the older fidgeters.  Please be sure to get a genuine fidget cube as opposed to the illegal, untested and flimsy knock-offs.

Bike Chain Fidget Rings – these are a good option for teenagers and adults.  They feel cool, look cool, fit neatly and discreetly into the palm of your hand and if need be can easily be added to a key ring.  I’ve found that these grow on you.  When I first tried one, I thought they were a bit over rated, but after a few days of picking it up and giving it a go every now and then I can definitely see why people love them (and now I do, too).


Mini Roller XL – one of our most recent fidget arrivals and one of my favourites.  It’s quiet, small, cool, feels nice, is easy to work with one hand and is discreet.  You can easily hide it away in the palm of your hand and turn the discs around using the raised ridges on the circumference.


Key rings

It is often handy to have a fidget that can be attached to a key ring so it can then be attached to your keys, your pencil case, backpack etc

Tangles – are pretty cool for older fidgeters, especially the gel ones.  The hairy tangles and the textured tangles are probably less appealing due to their colours and size making them less discreet.  Tangles can easily be added to a key ring.


I’d love to hear from you if you know of other fabulous fidgets for teenagers.


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