Stress Balls might be small, but they can work wonders.

Stress balls can provide an outlet for anger, stress, frustration and anxiety.  The deep pressure movement into the receptors of the muscles and joints of the hands activates the proprioceptive sensory system.  This is turn can help calm.

Stress balls also are a mini gym for the hands.  They can develop hand strength and fine motor skills.

Stress balls can also be a fidget, allowing or even assisting the mind to focus while working.

Look for stress balls that are quiet, durable and won’t roll off a desk.

Be proactive, plan ahead and have some stress balls available BEFORE a problem arises.

Make sure you have rules and routines in place.  Then let the stress balls do their work!

Here are our 5 star Stress Ball picks.

SQWOOZ Stress Ball


The SQWOOZ Ball is my personal favourite. I love the feel of it.  It is fairly soft and squishy (the  material feels like a thick balloon) yet it is really strong.  We stretched it a LOT and it didn’t break.  It ticks lots of boxes for the classroom – it is quiet, doesn’t roll off a desk, and cops a fair bit of  rough handling.  Inside the sqwooz ball is a white oozy liquid.

Smiley Stress Ball


The Smiley Stress ball has been our most popular stress ball since we opened our business. The ‘face’ does rub off with continued use and rough handling may result in splitting.  But it is really good value for money.  What I particularly like about the Smiley Stress ball is that it easily fits into the palm of your hand AND it has a weight on the bottom keeping it in place on a desk.  Inside the smiley stress ball it is a gooey substance sort of like liquid nails.



The eggsercisers are designed for therapeutic use by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.  They are “graded” from x soft (orange) soft (green) medium (blue) and firm (purple) – giving the opportunity to select the preferred level of resistance with comfort OR hand strength in mind.  The eggsercisers will handle most rough handling. The down side of the eggsercisers is that they do tend to roll so you might want to keep them in a container on a desk.

Sensory Genius Stress Balls


You get good value for money with this pack of 3 stress balls.  PLUS they’re graded, giving the opportunity for people to choose the level of resistance that suits them best.  They are tough and don’t break easily.  If dropped they do bounce and they can attract little bits of dirt – though they can be easily cleaned in cold water.  The only thing with these particular stress balls, is they will roll – so best keep them in a container or on a bed of blue tack on a desk.

Pop Eye Snake

The pop eye snake isn’t technically a ball!  But, children LOVE it and it does provide the same calming hand strengthening benefits as stress balls.  It is REALLY tough.  The “eye” can be removed but can also be easily put back in.  The snake won’t roll off the desk and it is just a little addictive so it definitely makes the list.

ps the “eye” itself is pretty solid. Inside the eye is a clear liquid, most likely water.


Kirstie xx