How to find an NDIS Plan Manager

//How to find an NDIS Plan Manager

How to find an NDIS Plan Manager

There are three ways to set up your NDIS plan, and there are advantages and disadvantages that come with each.

Just quickly your options are:….

* Self Managed

* Agency Managed

* Plan Managed

It really depends on your circumstances, which way you go.

Some people even combine them – so some parts of their NDIS plan might be self managed and the rest might be Agency managed for example.

Self Managed – means that YOU manage your access to goods and services.

# you have to pay upfront out of your own money

# you get to access goods and services from whoever you want (therapists or shops) as long as they have an ABN

# you get the goods or services straight away  (eg special needs products, occupational therapy etc)

# you then log on to the NDIS portal and put a claim in to be reimbursed -you need receipts with the business owners ABN and it must have a receipt/invoice number.  You also need to save the receipts for 5 yrs (in case you are audited).

Agency Managed – means the NDIS takes care of everything.

# you don’t have to pay out of your own money

# you don’t have the stress of having to get onto the NDIS portal

# you get the goods or services straight away

# BUT you can only access service providers and businesses that are approved NDIS service providers (like us, here at Starfish)

You can even order over the phone with us.

If you’re self managed – our receipts are NDIS friendly!

If you’re agency managed you can use your funding with us, its easy (if you have funds approved in your plan for Assistive technology & Consumable).

If you’re Plan Managed, your planner can easily work with us to arrange the items or series you’re after.

Go to the Starfish Education Centre website here

Plan Managed – means you have opted to have a third party manage the NDIS for you

# you don’t have to pay out of your own money

# you don’t have the stress of having to get onto the NDIS portal

# you can access any business or therapist you wish, so long as they have an ABN

# BUT you can’t have immediate access to goods and services, as you have to wait for quotes and submissions to be approved via the business and your Plan Manager.

Ok, so if you have opted for PLAN MANAGED (for some or all of your NDIS plan), you’ll need to find a Plan Manager.

It’s pretty easy these days – if you log on to the NDIS portal, you can do a search for a Plan Manager in your area.

You can also click on each Plan Manager and find out what they offer and whether they’d be a good fit you.

Click on the Provider Finder Tile (bottom right hand corner of the home screen – see picture above)

Click on “Registration Group”

Select Plan Manager

Type in address/area










Voila, all registered Plan Managers in the area you indicated will be listed.

When I did this process this morning, in a 50km radius from our little store Starfish Education Centre here in Kiama, there were over 80 different Plan Managers to choose from.  Pretty cool.

Below is the first page of 8.  You can then view details about each one and find the best one to suit you and your family.










I’d love to hear of your experiences with the NDIS and if you have any tips that we could share to help others please message us.


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