Finding a special gift for someone older with a disability or sensory needs can be a challenge.  Especially if you are after something that is both suitable and age appropriate.

We’ve put together a list of ideas to make Birthdays and Christmas a whole lot easier.

All budgets have been catered for.  We’ve also included items for home, school, on the move or a sensory room.

Vibes Ear Buds

These Vibes Ear Buds are reusable and designed for teenagers and adults – they are mostly clear so very discreet and they reduce noise without distorting sound.


The Vibes Ear Buds were designed by a young fellow in the USA, who wanted ear plugs for attending music festivals that would still provide good quality sound (hi fidelity).  Turns out the Ear Buds were a hit with concert goers, but there was an unexpected benefit – they were also perfect in noisy environments but you could still hear people talking.  This meant, once word got out, that the Vibes Ear Buds became popular with individuals sensitive to sound, with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries or ADHD.

You can also get a cord to attach the buds to keep them secure when not in use.


We sell a lot of these to adults as they are so comfortable and easy to wear.  They fold up for easy storage in a pocket, bag or backpack.  These are a good compromise between bulky headphones worn over the ear and the small discreet Ear Buds that are put into the ear.


Noise Reduction Earmuffs 

If you’ve been after noise reduction earmuffs to fit adults who are sensitive to certain sounds or find particular loud situations overwhelming then these are the ones to get.



If you havn’t seen or heard of the Kloudsac, then you might want to have a closer look.  They are hugely popular with teenagers and adults!  Brodie is looking pretty darn comfortable in the Faux Fur Kloudsac.


Kloudsac use a special dream foam which means they don’t make the “grating noise” of traditional beans in bean bags. Brodie is in the KIDS (small) and you can see how big it is.  Most people tend to purchase the KIDS or the next size up, URBAN.  The price depends on the size and the cover chosen.

The best way to order a Kloudsac is to pop in store or give us a ring and we can talk you through size and cover options.  You can always have a look on the Kloudsac website (you can buy directly from them, but we’d love the business ….and we charge the same price).  I’ll put the link here if you wanted to check them out though.  If you were wanting to use NDIS funding and you’re Agency managed, then you’ll need to purchase through an NDIS provider (luckily we fit that bill!).

Pea Pod XL


Where the Kloudsac might give a gentle soft hug, the Pea Pod gives a firm squeeze.  If you’re after something that is going to give firm proprioceptive input then the Pea Pod might be the way to go and give the best results for calming.  They are inflatable, so it has a fair bit of flexibility (to accomodate different sizes and pressure input).


Now these bolster shape cushions are the way to go if you’re after something different.   They’ve been specifically designed with teenagers and adults in mind with sensory needs.  We love that they are so flexible.  You can add or remove the weight, add or remove the hot/cold pack and have the vibration setting on or off.  So many ways to tailor this to an individual’s sensory needs.


Flanellete Pillow

Another possibility when it comes to cushions is the trendy “flan0-shirt” design.  This one is soft and nice to snuggle into. It has a touch activated vibration unit inside.

The Pillow can be used for calming, soothing or relaxing.


The hand held massager is one of those gifts that is bound to be a winner with just about anyone.  It is a great price, too!

Plasma Ball

The Plasma Ball (Tesla’s Lamp) is a captivating accessory that entices curiosity.  Touch the glass lamp and create an  “attraction spot”.

The Plasma Ball is a wonderful talking point and provides colourful visual input.

LED Bucket

We love this hard plastic lamp.  It can be plugged into the wall or be free standing (it is rechargeable).  It has loads of lighting effects all operated by a remote.

The lamp would look great in a bedroom or sensory room.  It can be used as a bucket or container as well.  We have one in store that is full of sensory water beads.

Glitter Lamp

Another option calming sensory option for a bedroom or sensory room is the Glitter Lamp – which changes colours automatically.  It takes batteries, which means it is portable and convenient – you can place it where you like.


Alphabet String Lights

These lights are a wonderful way to add a little sparkle to any bedroom.

Light Staxx

Use the Light Staxx as a night light, feature in a room or add them to construction bricks (they are compatible with duplo).


Giant Ooze Tube

The giant ooze tube provides calming visual input.  The “ooze” slowly seeps and winds its way down while you watch on fascinated.  It is quite addictive.  The tube is made from a solid plastic, and they come in a variety of colours.

Foucalt Pendulum

Now this is a totally cool item for anyone to have!  It its quite mesmerising to watch, and a real talking point.  I know I can’t walk past our demo in the shop without giving it a little flick!


Blow Football

This small indoor table top game is fun for all ages.  It is a great way for everyone to develop oral motor and breath control.

Fidget Cube

Not sure if you know, but the original Fidget Cube was designed by two young men in their early twenties because they were fidgeters!  They saw the need for something that was discreet, hand held and provided different surfaces with different fidget options to cater to a wide variety of fidget tastes. They come in a variety of colours.  If you have a preference, just send us a message and we will do our best to accomodate.

Mini Roller Fidget

I love this mini roller.  It is one of my favourite fidgets because it is easy to swivel, can fit in your hand or pocket and is quiet.  It looks cools, too.  A great little extra to throw in with a gift, or to add to a fidget or sensory kit.

Simpl Dimpl Key ring

Think Bubble-Wrap only never ending!  This fidget is addictive.  Plus it comes on a handy key ring.



The Qboid is palm sized logic puzzle.  It is like an easy version of a rubiks cube and is an engaging fidget.  It can provide a handy distraction when out and about.

Pin Art

Is an old but a goody.  It remains popular and is a great gift for those seeking calming tactile input.

Fidgipod and Desk Buddy

These two products are made by the same company, and were designed by therapists specifically as a discreet fidget for teenagers and adults.  In fact the Fidgipod was originally designed for the work place – as an object for a work desk, the idea being that people could fidget whilst still getting their work done.  The Desk Buddy is a ruler, and as a result does not look out of place on a desk or in a school backpack at all.  Technically, it is not really for measurement, not at least in Australia, as the units are in inches.



The Coggy is designed as a manipulative visual logic puzzle.  It gradually gets more difficult as you progress through the levels – trying to twist and turn the soggy until it matches the pattern card.  I’m not terribly good at logic puzzles, but I love the Coggy and worked my way through all the levels whenever I had a few spare minutes.

The Coggy is also a great fidget.

BLLOX game

This is a fast paced visual spatial game where players race to create the “stack” that is on the picture card turned.  Often visual spatial skills are a strength, so BLLOX is a really good option if you are after a game.  It is easy to modify this game to suit someone with disabilities.  It could be a solo activity, where the player practices building the stacks on each of the cards or they race themselves to see how many they can do in a certain time, or the game could be scored differently.

Scented Highlighters or Gel Pens and Fidget Pencils.


Time Timer Watch

The Time Timer Watch Plus helps to keep track of your routine when you’re on the go.  It has a few options: set the timer (with an optional repeating alert), use it as a watch (both analogue and digital displays in either 12 or 24hr format), and have a time-of-day alarm.

The watch has been designed to include a silent operation with vibrate alert option, so it is great for the classroom and out and about. Great if you need a discrete behaviour management option.  It is also Water Resistant (30M), with a soft silicone watch band which fits between 14cm to 20cm wrist.


These now come in two sizes (Brodie is wearing the large).  The smaller also comes in a pink (cherry) and the charcoal grey.


Theraputty and Theraputty exercise kit

Theraputty is ideal for hand strengthening and developing fine motor skills.  The Theraputty Puttycise kit and a large tub of Theraputty is a perfect combination.



Sunnies are a great option as a gift for someone with special needs.  Uglyfish have a range of sunglasses that are virtually indestructible.

They are designed for regular outdoors, sporty use or even on a work site – they can really cop a hiding and they look cool.

They look good, are comfortable (they have a few things that really help those with special needs get a good fit) and are perfect for those who might be rough on their belongings.  We have a range for you to choose from.  Two pairs (the matt black ones – 5447 and 5117) have arms that can be adjusted (bent) so they fit well and will stay on.  The gloss black model (5311) has a “key” fit (more snug) on the bridge of the nose.  You’re bound to find a pair that suits.


5311                                               5447                 5117

Brodie is rocking the 5311 model below.


We have a variety of age appropriate chews for adolescents and adults. We especially love the Cord Zilla hoodie chews (hoodie not included).  Click on each image to be taken to the link.

We hope you have found this post helpful.  If you loved it, please leave a comment and it would be fantastic if you shared it with your friends and family.

Kirstie xx