Gifts for Kids with Differing Needs

//Gifts for Kids with Differing Needs

Gifts for Kids with Differing Needs

Needing to give a special gift to someone who has special or differing needs?

Not sure of what things they might like or mighty be suitable?

We can take all the worry out as we’ve got loads of ideas to suit everyone – and it’s all fun presents they’ll love too.

Here are just a few of our recommendations.

If you need more help selecting the PERFECT gift feel free to ring or message us – as we have plenty of experience and expertise you can rely on.

Scooter Board

Scooter boards come in two sizes – small and large – and you can also get paddles for extra upper body input.

Scooter boards provide a fun way to get children lying on their stomachs, developing core strength and upper body movements as well as their balance.  There are so many ways to use them, as well as activities to create with scooter boards.


Weighted products are widely used by Occupational Therapists, Early Interventions Specialists, Educators and Families – as for many children with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Difficulties (especially Proprioception) or Developmental Delays they can provide calming benefits of compression.

Weighted Starfish

The Weighted Starfish is exclusive to us and was designed specifically for children who need and seek the calming benefits of compression that come from weighted plush toys.  The Weighted Starfish has the added bonus of gorgeous ribbons to twist, twirl, wipe and fidget with on the end of each tentacle.


Weighted Snake

The Weighted Snake is also designed by us, and it offers the ability to distribute the weight where the compression is needed – on the shoulders, around the arms, on the lap.

Weighted Lizard

The Weighted Lizard is a popular plush toy in classrooms.  He happily sits on laps, providing a calming influence for many children.

Weighted Denim Baseball Cap

What a marvellous gift to give.  This baseball cap is unbelievably calming.  We’ve tried it ourselves and marvel at how good it feels.  It looks very cool and no-one would even know it is weighted.

Sensory Foot Pods

These are a fun thing to add as a sticking filler if you grab a couple, but if you get quite a few they are great present in their own right.  The foot pods can be used to make a path that children (and adults) have to navigate mustering all their vestibular and balance skills.  Add them to an obstacle course, too.  The limit is only your imagination, as they say.  Foot pods are also used to provide tactile input underfoot while seated.

Sensi Saddle Roll

Oh my gosh children (and adults) love the the Sensi Saddle Roll.  The minute we get it out, everyone wants a go.  Sit on them, roll over them, bounce on them, ride them (like a horse).  the raised tactile surface provides extra input plus additional grip.  The Sensi Saddle Roll is a fun way to get those active hyperactive kids burning up a bit of energy and for children to get the vestibular system engaged.  The Sensi Saddle Roll comes in 3 sizes: large, medium and small.


Vibration can be very calming for children and adults.  Applying vibration to targeted areas can also stimulate the proprioceptive system (feedback from muscles to the brain).


This is the best massager we’ve found in our travels.  It feels good and applies just the right amount of vibration and pressure.  The batteries are replaceable.  A great sticking filler or smaller and affordable stand alone gift.  Everyone will want one once they’ve used it!

The Cuddles Bear and Bunny

We absolutely LOVE these.  We like to call them the Bear & Bunny with Benefits!!!  They vibrate gently and also softly glow – when cuddled.  They can also be set on a timer (so they’re not touch activated and will turn off after approx 20mins).  There is also an option to sixth the steady gentle vibration to a “heart beat”.


Chatter Penguin

This friendly cute little fellow is hilarious – it repeats back everything you say in a chirpy-chipmunky sort of voice.  Everyone will have fun with this on Christmas day, but it is especially good to stimulate vocalisation and speech (as well as promoting an understanding of cause and effect).

Lockable Latches Barn

Now this is an “investment gift”.  One that can be handed down through the family.  It is just beautiful, made so well, and it provides hours and hours of open ended play as well as offering lots of fine motor development.  Each door has a different style of lock to practice opening and closing.



These are one of the most popular toys in learning centres.  All the children gravitate to them,  They look great and feel great. Each of the 5 differing shapes are solid transparent perspex with a magnetic edge.  There is hours of fun to be had building and creating with the 48 piece MagSnaps set.  MagSnaps snap together easily and are good for all abilities including those needing to develop fine motor skills.


The Bilibo is such a fabulous open ended toy.  It is durable and well designed for hours of fun spinning and rocking – perfect to activate the vestibular system.  It is ideally suited for younger kids, but let’s just say my adult bottom fits in “just”!  I can get a good spin action going but then I am only 5 foot – those with longer legs would want to go for the Gonge top below.

Giant Gonge Top

Now this is a fantastic toy for all ages and abilities.  It is carefully designed to protect the head and hands while spinning and rocking.  It’s just too tempting, we’ve all had a go.  The Giant Gonge top is a great way to engage the vestibular system for those with sensory processing issues or with Autism and they’re also a fun and constructive way for those hyperactive kids to tap into their need for movement.

Dream Chair

The Dream Chair is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom, especially of they seek being in snug or tight spots – needing proprioceptive input.  The Dream Chair is designed to be very durable and for younger children to squish down into, while the inflatable dream chair gently cocoons them.  It is best suited for younger (or smaller children).  The little one pictured below is 5yrs old.

Plasma Ball

Oh my goodness, the Plasma Ball is the answer in terms of gifts for the curious minded of all ages.  You can’t help but be intrigued.  A great “talking point” gift for those hard to buy for older kids, teenagers and adults.

Blow Lotto

Finally, a game that is fun and encourages exhalation and breath control – a much desired behaviour and strategy used for calming and self regulation.  It is suitable for all ages from children to adults.

Vibrating Flanelette Pillow

We know that vibration can be calming for many.  Vibration can also provide proprioceptive input to the muscles and help develop the understanding of where the body and its limbs are. This pillow/cushion actually vibrates when gently squeezed.  It is designed with teenagers and adults in mind – fitting in nicely with the trend of flannelette shirt cushions and pillows. Providing tools such as these can help adolescents and adults self regulate in an age appropriate and discreet way.  Those with older children and adults with differing abilities know just how hard it is to find gifts that are suitable – meeting the needs but also being a good match with their age.  This Pillow wouldn’t look out of place anywhere.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand has been around a while now.  It has stood the test of time because it is good.  We stock it because it is very sensory, calming and therapeutic. Once you start “playing” with it, it is addictive.  Even adults find it hard not to play with it!  We’ve tried similar products and this is the best one – and most like sand.  For those who are new to Kinetic Sand – it feels really cool and holds its shape.  You can get 1kg box, but id highly recommend getting at least 2.5kg so there is enough to actually make things with it.  We also have available an assortment of different sorts of sand molds.

If you need any more ideas or have very specific needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.


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