Handwriting styles in Australia vary from state to state (though some states are the same).

It’s difficult to find a one-stop place to be able to see them all, compare and contrast and also work out how we should be teaching young children to form letters (so when they get to school they are already on track).

The letters to be particularly mindful of are: b, f, k, p, q, v, w, x

The rest of the letters look pretty similar, though there may be a slight difference in shape.

We’ve put them in one handy place and included links (that are mostly free).


The NSW DET have a comprehensive book for parents called “Helping Your Child Learn to Write”. It is available for purchase ($17.00)


The VIC Education Department provide a FREE downloadable font for your computer.  How cool is that!


The Education Department of Queensland have put together a fabulous Handwriting Handbook which is FREE to download.  This is really worth having a look at, even if you’re not using this script as it explains the development of pencil grip and handwriting.


The Education Department of South Australia have put together an informative FREE downloadable file called “Planning for Handwriting” full of good stuff.


Tasmania’s Department of Education have produced a fabulous resource for Handwriting – with photos and samples letter formation instruction plus loads more and its FREE

Aussie School Fonts – I love this site as it gives an example of each State’s style.  It’s where I got all the above.  Not many sites give you samples of all for FREE.

Australia School Fonts – This is the site that I purchased and downloaded the NSW Foundation font for our use.  The cheapest (at the time of this post) is $11 though I paid a bit more (for a different license).

This site also have some free downloadable resources such as a one page graphic of handwriting style examples for all the states.

They also have a downloadable chart that compares each alphabet letter from to state to state.

ABC Teaching Resources – this site gives letter formation FREE printable downloads for practicing individual letter formation (for each of the sites).  So cool.