The Making of our “Sea Life Sight Words” Game – start to finish

//The Making of our “Sea Life Sight Words” Game – start to finish

The Making of our “Sea Life Sight Words” Game – start to finish

When my children were little (they’re now in their 20s) I made a game to help them learn a few basic sight words.

Years of lecturing, teaching and tutoring later…. this game morphed into its current form after loads of tweaking.

The words chosen were based on the most useful sight words vocabulary for beginning reading.

The number of words used was based on what we found to be the most optimal for early learners

– too many and it was overwhelming and confidence destroying

– too few and there wouldn’t be enough to constitute an actual game

We are often asked for good sight words games and resources here at Starfish, so we finally decided to take the plunge and get this beauty mass produced and available to all those who need it.

We had the design.  We knew it worked. But, we didn’t have much money!

So we decided to give it a go on Kickstarter, our thoughts being that if we raised sufficient funds we would be able to donate some games to disadvantaged families as well.

It worked, and here we are with our very own Starfish game – “Sea Life Sight Words Bingo”

How did we do it?

1.Design – we had a game, we tested it – size of cards, number of words, number of players, number of counters, size of font you name it until we were satisfied. and had a sample made professionally.

2. Quotes – we contacted printers, packaging companies and suppliers to get an estimate of costs so we had a “ball park” figure of what we’d be up for.


3. Photos – we had professional photos taken to put an attractive package together for promotion.


4. Kickstarter – we made a movie and used the photos to put the game on kickstarter.

5. Finalise Design (feedback suggested we need a brighter, more colourful box) and then we looked at a few different packaging options before deciding on the final one       

6. Final Quotes – we got final quotes from multiple sources for printing, packaging, counters.  The tricky thing with getting quotes is that the more you order the more cost effective it is…but when you’re a little family business it’s difficult as its not just about the cost its about storage and having thousands of dollars worth of boxes, cards, counters “just sitting there”.          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

7. Production – orders were submitted for printing and packaging as well as the special “sea life counters” (which came from overseas and took a while to arrive)

A sea of “sea life counters”

8. Assembly – that has been a family affair.  All hands on deck to fold boxes, add stickers, count sea life counters, count bingo calling cards, bingo cards and put it all together along with the instructions.

Got to love the “fam bam” earning their keep after family dinner!

9. Distribution – we’re now in the process of distribution.  We have them available for sale, exclusive to Starfish.

It’s not cheap.

It takes time, motivation and energy.

But honestly, anyone can do it.

If you have a good idea, its worth giving it a go.

Check out the flow chart below for an overall graphic.

Some people might be good at ideas but not good at pulling them together.  Some might be good at marketing/selling but not have a great product – you’ll need to be multi-skilled (or have lots of friends who are!) but its great fun and so rewarding.


I hope this gives you loads of inspiration.

Kirstie xx

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