Meet our Fabulous Starfish Staff

//Meet our Fabulous Starfish Staff

Meet our Fabulous Starfish Staff

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, it takes a team to make Starfish happen.  No-one knows better than I, that Starfish is only as good as the people within it.  Not a day goes by that I am not forever grateful that Erin (Ez) and Enya found their way to us.  They both are amazing, committed, hard working, funny, clever young women – and they get on like a house on fire.

Many of you are assisted by Ez or Enya either in store, over the phone, via social media or online.  Ever wondered who they are and what their back story is?

Let’s put a face to a name or name to a face & learn a little about them and how they ended up at Starfish.


Erin Dorahy, likes to be known as Ez.  If I call her Erin she thinks she’s in trouble hahahaha.

Erin is married to Joel Dorahy, who is my Godson.  I think that makes Ez my God-daughter-in-law!  Together, Ez and Joel recently purchased their first home which is a pretty incredible effort for a young couple in their early 20s and speaks volumes of their drive and maturity.

Ez has an affinity for the Orange area, where she spent much time as a child.  Her teenage years were spent in the Shellharbour area and she attended St Joseph’s Secondary school.  Ez is very close to her parents, brother and grandparents.

Being a qualified Early Childhood Educator (she has a Cert 4 in Early Childhood) and having worked in several early childhood settings (and before & after school centres), Ez brings a love and knowledge of children and child development to Starfish.  She is also pretty darn good with AUSLAN, having done the first level this year.  Ez has also done volunteer work with Riding for the Disabled.

Ez sets very high standards for herself and is dedicated to her role.  She is often at work way before she needs to be and leaves late.  Ez takes care of all our NDIS – a topic of which she is VERY knowledgable.  She has helped so many families navigate the system.  Ez is often the one who tends to emails, and sends out invoices to organisations and schools.  She is also a wizz on the computer and bails me out of many an IT dilemma!


Enya Smith arrived at Starfish In August 2018.  We are now wondering how we ever managed without her!

Funnily enough, Enya also lives in the Shellharbour area and went to St Joseph’s a year or two behind Ez.  They didn’t know each other though.  It is a small world.

Enya has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and several years experience teaching and caring for young children in Early Education settings.  It speaks volumes that the families of the children in her care have stayed in contact with Enya and even visited her at Starfish.  They clearly adore her, and miss her dearly.

Enya also recently purchased her first home, at the ripe old age of 21.  What are the chances – both Ez and Enya went to the same High school, both are trained Early Childhood Educators, both own their own homes and both want to work with me!!!!

Enya’s partner is a local lad, Brad and they are very outdoorsy and sporty.  They love mountain bike riding, camping and being active.  Enya successfully juggles the whole blended family thing (as do I), and talks about all of her family fondly.

Ez and I are in awe of Enya’s “eye”, creative ideas and flair.  Ez or I put a display together and it looks like a dogs breakfast.  Enya whips something up that looks like it is out of a David Jones window display.  We are now so used to it, we just laugh, roll our eyes and say “why didn’t we think of that’.  These days, I tend to refer to Enya for all artistic decisions hahahaha.  Enya also takes care of Instagram and Google Plus, as well as keeps the shop looking beautiful and fully stocked.  It is hard to believe she has only been with us a few short months as we just keep handing her more responsibility.

I have no idea how I ended up being surrounded by such amazing, focused incredible go-getter women.  I am just grateful that they are here, by my side, making me look good hahahaha.

They make my days such fun, they take the pressure off.  They are beautiful with all our customers and families.  I trust them completely.  My biggest worry is how much I now rely on them.

Kirstie xx


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