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  • This delightful Alphabet memory game is made from quality timber and has 26 pairs of favourite Australian animals representing each letter of the alphabet.
  • Anomia will have everyone laughing out loud as players race to think of examples for all sorts of random common knowledge topics.
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  • The Breakaway Necklace Cord is a perfect option to secure items for those with special needs.
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  • The Magnetic Letters and Numbers pack is filled with 104 custom designed letters, plus 10 numbers for even more fun learning opportunities.
  • The Magnetic Letters and Objects pack has 2 full sets of A-Z magnetic objects PLUS a full set of A-Z uppercase letters - which is perfect for helping support children as they learn the sounds letters make as well as the initial phoneme in words.
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    Curses Party Game

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  • The Vowel 6 sided dice is shows all 5 vowels plus a ‘y’ (which sometimes makes a vowel sound).