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  • The smiley stress ball ball is the best stress ball toy we've found so far for stress relief.
  • The Sensory foot pod will help your child develop their body awareness, balance and co-ordination skills, as well as also being a great tool for sensory development and exploration, the vision impaired, the sensory seeker, sensory processing disorder and gross motor.
  • The Wilbarger therapy brush is a therapressure brush is a sensory brush designed by Patricia Wilbarger.
  • The Earth Stress ball is a foam squeeze ball perfect for releasing tension and for use as a fidget.
  • The Simple Dimpl is one of the best fidgets we've ever found.  It is an all rounder fidget.  It fits into the palm of your hand or pocket, is on an attachable key ring and "feels" great.  It isn't specifically designed as a CHEW but often people who fidget also chew on pencil tops or the like, and the Simpl Dimpl is made from food grade silicone and ABS plastic.
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  • Pin Art is a fun and creative way to make all sorts of 3D impressions into the fine metal pins.
  • The Loopeez Hand Fidget is ideal for younger fidgeters, or those with poor fine motor skills.  They can be used with one hand or two.
  • The mini roller hand fidget is the ultimate fidget for those who need something small, durable, discreet and quiet to fidget with one handed while they listen in class or gatherings.
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    The SQWOOZ is a squishy stress ball designed to calm and provide a way to release excess energy.  It is very pliable and easy to squeeze and stretch yet always returns to its original shape.
  • The Ark Sensory Bookmark Fidget is a thin band, with four different textured sections, small bumps, larger bumps, straight lines, and diagonal lines
  • Whirly Squigz are the most fantastic and flexible toy.  Stick them to just about any smooth, flat and non-porous surface, and give them a spin then watch them twirl and whirl and spin.  They provide an intriguing sensory adventure.
  • The Sensory Genius Stress Balls are a tool to help keep hands busy so the mind can focus. They come in a set of 3 - each with a differing level of resistance.
  • The Desk Buddy Ruler is a sensory tool, fidget and chew that is deal for the classroom.
  • The Breakaway Necklace Cord is a perfect option to secure items for those with special needs.
  • The Wikki Stix Rainbow pack is a fabulous and engaging resource for sensory and tactile play and learning.
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    The Crocodile Wall Game is a fun sensory game that has eight different activities for children to enjoy.
  • Talking Tiles are a Voice Recordable Tile/Button.