A Day In The Jungle

A Day In The Jungle


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Are you ready for A Day In The Jungle?

Join us and take a safari through the jungle, can you tell which animals are being kind and courteous, or maybe the ones who are scared or in danger?

This game is very similar to bingo, or 4 in a row.

How To Play A Day In The Jungle:

  • Roll the two die, one die has an emotion, and the other has animals. For example, you might roll ‘sharing monkey’.
  • All players look at their board to see if they have a picture that matches the combination rolled. (in this case, it would be a monkey sharing with another animal). If you have the picture on your board, mark it with a token.
  • The first one to mark any 4 squares in any one row or a column or a diagonal line gets to shout ‘Jungle Love’ and is the Winner!
  • Play longer with a ‘black out’ where you need to fill your WHOLE card!
  • Have a conversation with the child about what the different animals are doing

A Day In The Jungle comes with:

  • 4 x Jungle Boards
  • 1 x Caller Card
  • 100 x Jungle tokens
  • 2 x Dice
  • Meet The friends booklet and instructions



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