Ever wished you could have a weighted product, hot/cold pack and vibration cushion all in one? Well, now with the Adaptables Cushion – Camo, you can!

The New Bolster shape (around the size of a rolled up sleeping bag) vibrating pillow. Vibrates when squeezed or pressure is applied. This unique model also features a hot/cold pack and a weighted pouch. Its 3 in 1, FANTASTIC!!

The Adaptables Cushion – Camo has three different soothing options:

  • ¬†Weight pack to provide soothing pressure.¬† The weight pack is 1.35 kilos
  • Hot / Cold Pack. Heat with microwave and cool in the Freezer.
  • Vibration through the standard vibe unit. The Vibration Unit has three different vibration levels, and is also rechargable. Charging cord included.


Size: 43cm x 17 cm.

The Adaptables Cushion Camo also available in: