Aura Deep Magnetic Wheel

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Aura Deep Magnetic Wheel


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The Opti Aura Projector magnetic liquid K wheel is easily interchanged with the wheel provided to give more options for the Projector in a sensory room.

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The Opti Aura Projector is a revolving affordable light projector, ideal for the home or small sensory room (recommended for up to 4m space).

The Opti Aura Light Projector is a multi-effects projector that uses the same specialist lighting effects found in sensory rooms and medical facilities.

The Opti Aura Light Projector comes with one Liquid A wheel, but there are others you can purchase to provide variety.  The wheels are magnetic and very easy and convenient to change (as compared to the standard ones which are a bit trickier to handle and change).

The Opti Aura Magnetic Deep Wheel is a 6″ wheel provides an alternative visual pattern/pictures of an under the ocean scene.

The advantage of the Liquid Wheel is they produce more visual movement.  The liquid moves as well as the wheel rotating, so the visuals are constantly changing.

Whereas non-magnetic wheels are stationery, but the wheel still rotates…so the pictures move in a circular motion (but they don’t change) – the pictures rotate over and over in a sequence which can be very calming.  The advantage of theses wheels are you can cater to individual interests or needs (eg the Deep Wheel would be well suited to someone interested in the ocean/water/aquatic animals).

Other interchangeable magnetic wheels available via our store are:

  • Magnetic Liquid Wheel K
  • Fireworks
  • Organic
  • Cloud


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