Bed Bugs


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Bed Bugs is a fantastic game that encourages players to use fine motor skills.

So, how do you play? Use your tongs to catch the matching coloured bugs as quick as you can! The first player to catch all their bugs, shout ‘BED BUGS’ and press the button is the winner!

Sounds simple, right? Did I forget to mention the bed is shaking? Thats right! As you’re trying to catch the cheeky bouncing bugs the bed is vibrating/shaking.¬† Catch those bouncing bugs and do it quickly!

Bed Bugs includes:

1 x bed frame
1 x headboard
1 x footboard
1 x cardboard playing surface
1 x cardboard insert
3 x tongs
36 x plastic bugs
1 x instructions booklet

Recommended for ages 4+

2-3 Players

Please note: This game Requires 2x 1.5v Alkaline batteries. Batteries not included.


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