The Bilibo is a multi-award winning innovative and versatile open ended toy for kids. We love the Bilibos because they are fantastic way to stimulate the senses (especially proprioceptive), the vestibular system (in particular balance), motor skills while playing.  Many kinder-gyms use the, too. All sorts of activity can stem from Bilibos – rocking, spinning, hiding underneath, sitting on top, using them as stepping stones, stack and carry toys, water play, sand play or just use as a seat.  The limit is a child’s imagination. The Bilibos can be used indoor our outdoor, and are made from high density polyethylene (MPA free, latex free, phthalate free) and are resistant to shock, non toxic and light fast. The Bilibos are stackable, and therefore easily stored should you need quite a few. The Bilibos come in a variety of colours, and we have the very latest colour added to the Bilibo range PURPLR, in our online store.  If you would prefer another colour, contact our store direct to check availability. The Bilibos are 39 x 39 x 22cm, and weigh approx 800g.