Blindfolded Twister


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Blindfolded Twister is twister with a twist!

This game is played the same as the  Original twister but with textured shapes for a touch of mystery and loads of fun!

Players still move to spots on the mat, but now they do it wearing blindfolds and play completely by touch and memory. The player chosen as the Spinner calls out the moves on the game spinner, and then the players wearing blindfolds feel around the textured shapes with their hands and feet to move around the mat. Who will be the last player standing to win?

There are two ways to play:

2 Players:
  • Instead of using the spinner, players take turns in giving instructions. There is a video below showing how this is done
3 or more players:
  • One person is in charge of the spinner. They spin the spinner and instruct the players on what to do.


This game is also great for proprioception.

Blindfolded Twister includes:

  • 1 x Game Mat
  • 24 x shape stickers
  • 4 x Blindfolds
  • 4 x Blindfold Fasteners
  • 1 x Instructions Booklet

Recommended for ages 8+

Suitable for 2 or more players


Here is a video of Erin and Enya playing the two player version:




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