The Bluetooth Fibre Optic Speaker adds atmosphere to any room.

Follow the simple instructions to pair your device to the speaker, then watch the vibrant coloured fibres change colour to the beat of the music.

This fantastic speaker light will add a calming visual mood to a sensory room or sensory space such as a Dark Den, whilst also playing music.

There are hundreds of fibres that dance and wave at the slightest movement which emit a soft glowing light.  Be mesmerised by this affordable lamp.

You do have the option to of course pause your music, or not connect your device so then you can have a relaxing, calming night light as well.

The Bluetooth Fibre Optic Speaker is rechargeable. It comes with a USB Charger cord and when your light is low on power it alerts you.


  • 128(L) x 128(W) x 330(H) mm

Click here to see the Bluetooth Fibre Optic Speaker in action!!