The Breathe book is a beautifully illustrated gorgeous story and picture book for children.

Written by Scott Magoon it is a gentle reminder to stop, settle and breathe.

Breathe is a simple, short and calming text.  It could be used with children in early education settings or the home.  It is especially useful to share before rest time to help wind down.  It is also ideal as a shared story to assist with grounding children after a stimulating activity or if they are emotionally heightened.  One idea is to read it, showing the pictures and then to repeat having children listen to the story with their eyes closed.

Breathing and exhalation activities are often used in therapy to help children regulate their emotions.

This book is a good one to have as part of a children’s Yoga, Calming, Meditation and Mindfulness library.

Hard Cover book, 32 full colours pages.