The Swing Stand C Shape Steel frame swing stand is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  It is a good option for a canvas pod swing or the triple layer heavy duty lycra swing.  Both these swings require a single point attachment.

The Swing stand is a good height and the attachment point height is suitable for most swings.

The C Shape Swing style has been selected because it allows more room for movement.

Assembly is required.

The instructions that come with the swing stand are, let’s just say, brief.  As is often sadly the way.

When we put ours together here at Starfish (please see main photo) we actually found the swing to be more stable with the longer legs at the rear of the swing.  Because we ended up bolting ours to a piece of ply (please see below) it actually didn’t matter though.

However, as per “instructions” included with the swing…

Place the legs (A & B) with the longer end facing the front (and the shorter ends facing the rear).

Insert one bolt into the bottom hole of the legs/base.  Tighten loosely.

Place the bottom part of the arm (C) into the legs (base) then insert the next bolt.  Do this from the opposite side to the first bolt.  Tighten bolts.

Attach the top piece of the arm (D) and put the two bolts in.  Tighten


An 8mm Allan Key is used (provided).





We bolted the swing to a piece of 12mm ply from Bunnings 1800 x 1200mm.  We found the swing stand was not as stable as we would prefer if someone over 50kg was very heavy handed.

We used cup head bolts 25mm (length) 8mm diameter x 4 and an 8mm drill.

We found bolting it to the board gave us more options for where we placed the swing, especially if we needed to move it.

If using outdoors on a grass area:

Many of our customers have found tent pegs kept the swing stand nice and stable/secure.


The weight recommendation is 135kg approximately.

Please note:  the canvas swing does NOT come with the swing stand.