C Shape Steel Swing Stand is designed for Outdoor and Indoor use.  It is especially good for canvas swing pods, Lycra swings, hammock chairs – anything that requires a single attachment point.
This particular Swing Stand has the following advantages and is why we stock it at STARFISH:
* it has a higher attachment point than many other swing stands.  Many other swing stands have lower heights and attachment points, which means the swings end up pretty close to the ground.  For the Canvas pod swings and the Lycra swings that can be a real issue, especially for larger people.
* the “c” frame is very generous. It is really quite rounded, and gives a lot more freedom of movement than other hammock chair swing stands.  This means it is less likely movement will result in hitting the support “pole”.
* it is conveniently sized and takes less space than the standard indoor/outdoor swing stands
* it is somewhat portable
* easily accommodates 100kg
* high quality black powder coated steel
The thing to be aware of with this C Shape Steel Swing stand, is that it comes with bolt holes in the base (the 4 support legs on the frame).
We tested the swing frame without bolting it down and me in a lycra swing. It was fine if I didn’t “swing” too much, but it would have toppled over once I really got a lot of movement/swinging going (had my brother not been holding the frame steady).  I weigh under 60kg.  Possibly this would not be an issue for someone much lighter?  However, we recommend the swing is bolted down for safety and peace of mind.
Ideally, you will be able to bolt the swing stand to a deck or floor.
This may suit schools and centres and even some families, but not others.
We tried a few different options, as we know there will be some who are not able or do not wish to bolt the swing to flooring.
The easiest and cheapest solution was a piece of plywood from Bunnings.
You will need:
* 1 –  2400 x 1200 x 12mm (thick) plywood  (cut down to 1800 x 1200mm)
* 4 –  20 x 8mm galvanised cup head bolts & nuts
* 4 –  8mm galvanised washers
If you’re not very handy, you can ask the hardware section to “do” the whole lot for you.
1. cut the plywood down to 1800 x 1200mm (first cut is free at Bunnings)
2. make 4 bolt holes  (as per green measurements above)
Even with the cup head bolts having a rounder/flatter head, we recommend having a bit of carpet or padding underneath the bolts to protect the flooring from scratching.  The plywood is easily painted to suit decor if need be.  We just kept ours “raw” as it is only out on the verandah at STARFISH.
– Material: Powder coated steel tube
– Color: Black finish
– Overall Height: 210cm
– Weight Capacity: 136kg
– Gross Weight: 25kg approx
– Package Dimension: 144 x 55 x 15cm approx
What’s in the Package?
– 1 x Swing Stand
– 1 x Instruction