Cahoots is a fun and interesting cooperative card game.  Players have to work together to try and complete the goals cards before they run out of time and all without giving away what is in their own hands.

Cahoots is what is known as a “limited communication” game, so there are limits to what you can say to your teammates. You can’t talk to them about the cards in your hand, but you can tell them about any goals that you’re going for or piles that’d you’d like to play to on your next turn.

Cooperation and learning what and how to talk within the rules.  The most successful players will be able to think of ways to creatively (yet within the rules) communicate what is in their hand or what card they might need another person to play.

There are two decks of cards,

  • Number cards (green, pink, orange and purple).
  • Goal cards eg make all piles purple or green, make each card lower than 4, make all cards add up to 10 etc

Each player is dealt 4 Number cards.

4 Goal cards are dealt face up.

Then 4 number cards are dealt face up on the table.  These cards become the “piles” which must be played on in order to try and complete one (or more, if possible) goals.

The game is won if, together, the players are able to complete all the goals.

The game is lost (or over) if a player is not able to play any of their number cards on their turn OR the draw card runs out OR players run out of cards before completing the goals.

There are lots of ways that this game can be adjusted to make it harder or easier.

  • Include more goal cards (to make it harder) or less goal cards to make it easier
  • Play the game with each players cards being “open” ie cards are face up in front of each player (so all can see the cards)
  • Allow full communication, “table talk” to make the game easier
  • Allow NO communication to make the game more challenging

Another way to play the game is to use a timer, say 5minutes, and see how many goals can be completed in the time.

What we LOVE about Cahoots.

  • it is really easy to learn
  • it is a team game where everybody helps each other – everyone wins or everyone loses!
  • like all cooperative games, it is the catalyst for positive social interaction
  • it is really simple to change the difficulty level

Cahoots takes about 20 minutes to play (but it can be all over very quickly if a player doesnt have a card to play).

Suitable for 2 – 4 players.

Recommended for 10yrs+ however, we have played it with younger children, by adjusting the rules.