Calm Mindfulness for Kids book

Calm Mindfulness for Kids book


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The Calm Mindfulness for Kids book is one of our favourite books for teaching about mindfulness.  It is full of information and activities, absolutely chock-a-block full of ways to help you learn to live in the moment.

Calm Mindfulness for Kids was written by a teacher/parent and is a collection of mindful practices that you can try either on your own, with family or a class.

The information and descriptions are clear.  The illustrations and photos support understanding. There are also little hints for adults all the way through.

There are six chapters: Focus, Calm, Move, Change, Care and Reflect.  Choose which one you need, when you need it.

In each chapter there is a mix of mindful exercises and crafts to explore either alone, with a friend or a class.

This book is hard cover and 72 pages of brilliance.  We cannot recommend this book enough as a must-have book for your library – both professionally and personally.

Mindfulness can promote calm, focus, attention, proprioceptive & interoceptive awareness.  When mindful movements are used which involve movement of the head and/or balance and coordination they can also provide vestibular input.

This book is a good one to have as part of a children’s Yoga, Calming, Meditation and Mindfulness library.  It reinforces many important mindfulness concepts.  It is a useful teaching tool and full of practical ideas and activities.

Written by Wynne Kinder


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