Caring Cats


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Caring Cats is a great game that will educate your child about kindness, and also how to respond to different situations.

This game develops:

  • Relationship Skills
  • Cognitive and Social Empathy
  • Cooperative Play
  • Social Awareness caring and compassionate community
  • Expressive Language

There are TWO types of play:

Game 1 (Race to charm):

Set up the board and select a cat mover for each player. Each player also starts with 3 caring Cats characters.

The first player rolls the dice. The dice will either show a number between 1-5 or a mouse. If you roll a number, move your cat the same amount of spaces on the track in any direction. However, if you roll the mouse, your cat misses a turn.

Depending on what your cat lands, there a few ways you can use your turn:

  1. Path Space: You will do nothing and its the next players turn.
  2. Sun: Let sunshine fill you with kindness! You get to take another caring token.
  3. Mean Hill: You are not feeling to kind, you must return a caring token.
  4. Card with a heart: Time for an act of kindness. Turn over a card and think about you can respond with kindness in this situation. Look at your 3 caring cats and their characteristics and use the cat that can help the most in the situation and why. Return the cat to the used cat baskets in the box and collect one charm.

The First player who collects 5 charms is the winner.

Game 2: Charm Together (cooperative play)

In this game, all players must collectively collect 5 charms before the mean mouse reaches and destroys the school!

Same set up as game 1 with the addition of the mean mouse who is placed on the red star on the left track of the board game.

Every player starts with a cat on the board and 3 caring cat characters.

This game is very similar to Game 1, with the exception that when you roll the mean mouse, we need to move the mouse one step closer to the school. Can we collect the 5 tokens before the mean mouse reaches the school?

Caring Cat Characters:

  • Chatychoo
  • Goodygum
  • Helpfilli
  • Lotothot
  • Makermax

Caring Cat Contents:

  • 1 x Box-in-a-box game board
  • 4 x Cat Movers
  • 1 x Mean Mouse Mover
  • 5 x Wooden Mover Stands
  • 20 x Caring Cat Characters
  • 20 x heart charms
  • 30 x situation cards
  • 1 x Die
  • 1 x Instructions



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