Catch Game


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Race to the Treasure is an award winning cooperative game based on maths grid concepts.  Work together with all the other players to create a path, collecting 3 keys on the way, to unlock the treasure chest before the ogre beats you to it.


Catch is quite a different cooperative game involving dice and strategy.  A mouse has stolen the 4 cats’ bowl of treats and is trying to make a run for the fence.  In order to get their treats back the cats need to get themselves into a position that surrounds the mouse, blocking the mouse from escaping.

Players need to work together, rolling the each of the dice.  On their turn, a player rolls both dice – one dice moves the mouse and the other moves a cat.  Players can help each other and will definitely need to communicate in order to catch the mouse before it sneaks away.

Catch takes about 15minutes and is for 2 – 4 players.  The game is recommended for 6yrs +

Peaceable Kingdom are the masters of Cooperative Games.  They build confidence, encourage inclusion, increase positive interactions and social skills.  They help children develop valuable life skills.

What we love about Catch

  • It is really good for visual planning skills
  • It is a fantastic cooperative game that gets all the players talking, communicating and truly working together
  • It is a fairly quick game to play
  • It is quite a different cooperative game, with a combination of luck (dice) and strategy.
  • You can make the game harder by modifying the rules


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