Monkey and Chops Daily Routine Chart

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Monkey and Chops Daily Routine Chart


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The Daily Routine Chart is a large bright horizontal magnetic chart with both day and evening categories and 37 different task magnets.

5 in stock


The Monkey and Chops Daily Routine chart is a large colourful magnetic visual tool to help organise your day.

It hangs on your wall and has loads of magnetic chips/pictures to select from.  Place them in sequential order from left to right.

Follow the visual routine, one activity or task a time. 

Use the chart to help predict and support a routine in your daily life.  

Best results are when the individual is involved in the planning process for the week.  Ideally they would place the activity magnets on the planner.

Refer to the chart throughout each day, and move each activity magnet once a task or activity has been completed.

It is designed for individual use,.

The Daily Routine Chart helps children develop independence and provides visual reminders.

It can help support positive behaviour and those with ADHD, ASD as well as other learning difficulties.

approx 38.5 x 16.5cm



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