Douglas the weighted dog is a beautiful, large and plush weighted dog.

Weighted Plush toys can provide proprioceptive input, which can assist with self regulation and calming.  Some find this weighted input helpful with anxiety and hyperactivity.

Douglas has a 2.5kg weighted insert of non-toxic washable pellets, so all up Douglas weighs in at just over the 2.5kg

Douglas is a big fellow, being approx 48cm long and 18cm across his back.  The widest point is 32cm. His head is not weighted.

Douglas is ideal for floor time in a classroom, a sensory calming space and for therapy centres.

He is a perfect companion whilst sitting at a desk, on the lounge or in bed.

We trialled Douglas the weighted dog in an Autism classroom for two weeks – and he was a hit, indeed.  Our original was much bigger, and the feedback was that Douglas was great for floor time, but a bit too big for a lap whilst seated at a desk in the classroom.  We’ve made him smaller so he can be effective in many applications.

Douglas is best cleaned by a a damp cloth.  He can be gently hand washed as the poly pellets are washable.