Easy Read Watches are a clever design and help children learn to tell the time.

The past side is blue, the to side is red – to help kids learn and remember which side is which.

PAST and TO are clearly printed on each respective side as well. Each minute is numbered – to hep kids quickly work out how many minutes to or past the ‘big hand’ (minute hand) is on.

The small hand (hours) is half the size of the big hand (minutes) – so it is easy for kids to tell the difference. 1/4 past and 1/4 to are also written on the face of the watch. It really is easy to teach kids to tell the time using this watch.  Follow our blog posts to learn more and see footage as well.

An extra bonus is that these Easy Read Watches have a matching wall Clock version (Easy Read Classroom Clock) –  the same clock face so your kids have consistency when learning to tell the time.

Plus, it is Water Resistant so will cope with a small amount of splashing.  It is not waterproof so it is not recommended when swimming or showering.

The Easy Read Classroom Watches have a large clear face. They are large (but not too large), chunky and cool.  Most importantly, they display all the information your child needs to learn to tell the time in a size and format that is easy to read. Teach children to tell the time using simple steps (see our blog) and by using the Easy Read Watch.


Approx 3.25cm in diameter. This watch comes in a navy band.