Educational Bricks – Digraphs

///Educational Bricks – Digraphs

Educational Bricks – Digraphs


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This set of 20 educational bricks in foundation font is designed to hep children recognise and use digraphs (where two letters combine to represent one sound/phoneme). This is am excellent hands-on teaching resource, as it clearly demonstrates the concept of how sometimes a single sound is created by two letters. Each brick represents 1 sound but in the case of the digraohs set has two letters on it. Simple to use, especially in combination with the base plates we have and other educational brick sets. Also provided are teaching notes and a CD with worksheets and word lists. The digraphs included are as follows: sh, sh, th, th, ph, ph, ch, ch, kn, kn, wh, wh, gh, gh, gn, gn, wr, wr, qu, qu n.b. base plate not included.