Eggserciser Extra Soft Orange

Eggserciser Extra Soft Orange


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A fidget and hand exerciser all in one!

8 in stock


The Eggserciser is an ergonomic egg shape hand strengthener that fits comfortably into the palm.

The Eggcersicer comes in 4 colours and offers a progressive resistance for a graded exercise program. 

It cna be used for therapy, rehab and recovery from hand injury.  It can also be helpful for developing hand and muscle strength as well as dexterity.

Squeezing the eggserciser can provide pressure and proprioceptive input to assist with calming and self regulation.  

The eggserciser is a therapeutic tool and it designed with quality and durability in mind.  It is made of a washable synthetic rubber material and is latex free. It is a good option when looking for a stress ball that doesn’t break easily.

It can also be used for hot or cold therapy (heat in warm water or place in freezer).  This can add another form of sensory input.

The graded level of resistance is:

Orange – Exrta soft

Green – Soft

Blue – Medium

Purple – Firm




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