Feel and Tell Tiles Shapes

Feel and Tell Tiles Shapes


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We LOVE the Feel and Tell Tiles Shapes and think they are a great idea!

The Set comes with five large tiles with different shapes on the, and five small tiles with matching shapes. Give your child a small tile which the use to trace their finger along the shape. Then Lay out the larger ones, cover their eyes and see if they can use their feet to find the large tile that matches the smaller one that they are tracing.

To mix it up a bit you could only give them the tile for 10 seconds, then they need to use their memory to find the matching larger tile.  Or you could ask the child to describe the shape to you and you need to work out which one they are describing. Then switch!

There are so many different ways to use these tiles. For a sensory room, Therapy session, childcare setting and many more.

Feel and Tell Tiles Shapes Dimensions:

  • Larger tiles are 29cm diametre
  • Smaller Tiles are 11cm diametre

Check out the Feel and Tell Tiles Patterns



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