Feelings and Emotions Cards

///Feelings and Emotions Cards

Feelings and Emotions Cards


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Feelings and Emotions Cards are a great resource for the classroom and at home.


We are super excited that we found these brilliant Feelings and Emotions Cards. Not only are they great for emotional literacy, and discussion, they also use real photos!

There are  50 durable cards included in this set. They each have a photographic image on one side and activities for enquiry in class, group time or even just one on one. These activities on the reverse are story starters and will encourage thinking and develop key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a broad range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness.So, what are these cards great for, and how can they be used?

  • Talking about how other people feel, and they can show this with their body language and facial expressions
  • Looking into body language and facial expressions and what it all means.
  • Promoting inclusion.
  • Writing stories, poems and other literature.

Recommended for ages 5+

The Feelings and Emotions Cards  includes:

  • 50 Double sided cards
  • Quick Reference card index




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