We absolutely love the Gonge Hoops! They have been designed to be used in rough and tumble play, so no doubt they are strong and sturdy. They are perfect for activities that support coordination, balance and core stability.

Use the Gonge hoops in Occupational therapy sessions, at school or even at home.

Some suggestions on how to use the Gonge Hoops:

  • Throw bean bags or small balls into the hoops
  • Scoot around on a scooter board and take the hoops off hooks, the floor, tables. Use your imagination and make it fun and appealing!
  • Spin them on your arms or legs.
  • Use them in an obstacle course
  • Dancing in a circle
  • Walking on tiptoe on the hoop
  • Juggling the hoops

These hoops are 35cm in diameter which makes them the perfect size for catching, grabbing, swinging on your arms or legs, but they are not so small that they can’t be used in obstacle courses or throwing activities.

These fantastic hoops come in blue, red and yellow and are available in a pack of 3.

Hoops are made of durable plastic