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The Hairy Tangle makes a great hand fidget and therapy tool.

It’s a fun, therapeutic device that helps aid focus and learning by giving the hands something to do.

Turn it, twist it, curl it, click and connect it. Great for the classroom to keep fidgety hands busy and minds focused, add this Hairy Tangle to the sensory box.

The rubberised strands on the tangle turn it into a satisfying sensory and tactile experience for your hands.

Pieces do seperate and can be joined back together just like the Tangle Therapy/Relax Tangle Therapy. The pieces are approximately 3cm in length and 3cm in width (including the rubber strands). There are 16 pieces in total that make up the Hairy Tangle.

The hairy rubber cover can be taken off the tangle itself, providing a smoother fidget if desired. The fact that you can pull the rubber cover off, makes it that much more of a fidget, as you can pull it on and off, switching up the tactile experience.

Colours do vary depending on our supplier. There are three colour types of the Hairy Tangle, the colours mix between:

-Orange, yellow, blue and red.

-Orange, yellow, red and green.

-Orange, yellow, green and purple.

Please note: Due to the Hairy Tangles separating pieces, it is a choking hazard and is not suitable for children under the age of 3. We wouldn’t recommend this as a fidget if users tend to put items in their mouth as they are small pieces when they are separated.

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