Handee Band Exercise Kit medium

Handee Band Exercise Kit medium


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The Handee Band Exercise Kit is an all-in-one pack that gives loads of activities that provide deep pressure and proprioceptive input.

The Handee Band exercise kit was designed by an Occupational Therapist as a complete pack with all you need to get children, adolescents and adults moving, exercising, building muscle strength, balance, coordination, core and improve motor skills.

There are loads of suggested activities that give variety and target different areas and muscles.

We can see however, that the Handee Band concept is perfect for providing activities that give proprioceptive input (deep pressure to the receptors in the muscles and joints) which in turn can assist with self-regulation, sensory integration, stress and anxiety.

The Handee band exercise kit medium comes with:

  • 4 x Fitness Band (yellow) – the Band is quite stretchy and has hand prints on it to clearly indicate where to place the hands for particular tasks.
  • 1 x Large, and sturdy Flip Book with Exercises
  • 1 x Spinner Board (which can be used to create a game or just to decide which exercise is done)
  • 1 x Reusable Checklist (which can be used as a score card, for self-monitoring or as part of a daily schedule)
  • 1 x Dry-erase marker
  • Handee Band character stickers

Everything you need in one pack.  It is ideal for individuals or for working with small groups.  Add more bands and you can work with larger numbers, too.

The activities are well described and easy to do.  In fact the whole system is easy and convenient.  There is no set up required.  Grab the pack and away you go.

What we love about the Handee Band Exercise kit medium

  • fabulous and fun way to get people moving when working in small groups
  • loads of deep pressure activities for proprioceptive input
  • activities that build muscle tone and muscle strength
  • brilliant for the home, school or therapeutic environment
  • sensory integration game for classrooms or occupational therapists
  • must have, convenient, handy, well thought out resource that you will have for years

n.b. We do sell the yellow Handee bands separately.

Recommended for 3yrs+

Cards are approx 12.5cm x 7.5cm

Spinner Board is approx 14cm x 13cm

Handee Bands are approx 120cm x 167cm and give 6lb  (approx 2.7g) resistance.  They are NOT latex-free.

Do not stretch a band more than 3 times its length.  Wrapping band over shoes may cause wearing.  Store bands away from direct sunlight.  Check bands regularly for wear and tear, and replace when needed.



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