Lycra Bed Sheet Sock Single bed

Lycra Bed Sheet Sock Single bed


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Lycra Bed Sheets provide deep calming pressure which can help with bedtime routine and getting more sleep through the night.


Lycra Bed Sheet Socks provide deep calming pressure which can help with bedtime routine and getting more sleep through the night.

Our Lycra Bed Sheet Socks were designed by us, in consultation with Occupational Therapists and with the help of families who trialled our designs until we had the final perfect result.

OTs requested: external side seams, neat enclosed seams elsewhere, very snug fit and a generous size (not skimpy, so children could pull them up over the head if needed).

We took several months to source the Lycra for our body socks – it is the best quality and gives fabulous proprioceptive feedback (you push against it and it springs back against you).  Everyone who has tried our lycra is incredibly impressed by the quality and say its hard to go back to anything cheaper.  Our Lycra maintains its spring back much better than cheaper lycra which goes ‘saggy baggy’ very quickly.

The end result of trials, is that our Lycra Bed Sheet Sock is the full length of a single bed mattress.  This generous length when combined with our quality lycra, means they’re more expensive but they’re worth every penny.  In this case, you get what you pay for.  In order to prevent the sheet slipping up the mattress during the night, we have one end closed.

The feedback from families has been “game changer” and “this has changed our life”.

Our Lycra Bed Sock Sheets are an investment.

The Lycra Bed Sock sheet slips onto a mattress.  On a singled bed, it can be done easily…it’s just like putting a sock on a foot.  It’s a one person job and takes just a few minutes to put it over the top of a mattress with a fitted sheet.

Available in a standard single bed size, however we do custom sizes too (send us an email or telephone the store).

However we do custom orders for King Single or Double bed size.

Lycra Bed Sock Sheets are well suited for those who:

  • have anxiety
  • need assistance calming and unwinding at night
  • have trouble with the bedtime routine
  • wake frequently during the night

Dimensions: 197cm x 87cm (doubled)

Colour: GREEN


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