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Magic Maths Game


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Magic Cauldron Game is a  brilliant self correcting game that will be fun for everyone.


The Magic Maths Game is a  unique game that makes addition, subtraction and multiplication magical!

How do you play?

It is simple. Each player takes one of the cauldron boards and the small spell ingredient cards are shuffled and placed in a pile, picture side facing upwards.  The larger sum cards are spread out on the table with the sum face upwards.

You take the first card from the ingredient pile and look at the number on the reverse. The player must try to find a sum card that they think will match the number shown on their small ingredient card.

You then rub the ‘magic’ black ghost on the back of the sum card to see if the number revealed matches the number shown on the small card.  If the numbers match, the small ingredient card is placed picture side up onto the player’s cauldron board and the sum card is put aside.

The next player then has a turn. You keep going until someone has filled their cauldron.

Magic Maths Game Contents:

  • 4 x Cauldron Boards
  • 40 x Spell Ingredient Cards
  • 40 x Magic Sum Cards
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet


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