Mega Brick Stick Chew Red (soft)

///Mega Brick Stick Chew Red (soft)

Mega Brick Stick Chew Red (soft)


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The Mega Brick Stick Chew – Red (soft) is exactly that, a mega brick shaped chew. This version of the chew is wider, Thicker and Longer than the original style.

This chew is a handheld chew and does not come with a break away cord (order one here), but it does have a hole on one end in case you’d like to add one.

The Mega Brick Stick Chew – Red (soft) is a safe chew for anyone who needs it. Chewing can be an effective way to help calm, self-regulate, and focus.  It has large bumps on one side and small bumps on the other side for lots of sensory input.

Mega Brick Stick Chew – Red (soft) is available in two other toughness levels:

  • XT / Medium Firm (Lime Green) – This is the middle level. It’s firmer, but still fairly chewy, recommended for moderate chewers.
  • XXT / Very Firm (Royal Blue) – This is the toughest level. It still has some “chewability” to it, but it’s fairly rigid / pretty firm.  No chew tool is indestructible, but this is usually the longest lasting level for avid chewers.

Mega Brick Stick Chew – Red (soft) Measurements:

  •  Approx. 14.5cm long x  1.5cm wide x 1cm thick (including the height of the bumps).


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