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//Migoga Junior Marble Run

Migoga Junior Marble Run


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The Migoga Junior Marble Run is the ultimate marble run because the chunky pieces stay together and the ball is large and safe.

It is the perfect marble run for families with younger children, for preschools, family day care centres and kindergartens.  The individual pieces and linked with black rings, helping to hold the run solid and steady.  Marble runs that collapse easily are frustrating for adults and children alike.  The problem is solved with the Migoga Junior Marble Run. Of course, a little care is still required.

With the Migoga Junior Marble Run even smaller children can play with a marble track. The pieces are all very big and in different colours so they can be easily recognised. The connections are easy and intuitive.  Different tracks can be made quickly. The marbles are a good easy to handle safe size, and some make a rattling noise. They roll down the track intentionally slowly, in order to prolong the magical experience.

Children can also learn and explore at the same time with the Migoga Junior Marble Maze. Children are guaranteed hours of fun which is why this is an absolute HIT in every early childhood centre we know who has one.  And, also why they keep ordering more to add onto their set.

What we love about the Migoga Junior Marble Maze

  • sturdy and doesn’t fall apart at a simple knock or movement – reducing frustration for everyone
  • the large chunky pieces
  • the large balls, with sounds – great for additional sensory input
  • the QUALITY
  • it stimulates visual planning, building through trial and error and is a great initial STEM product that you will have for years

Made from high quality materials.  Designed for 18mths +

45 pieces included:

5 x Balls (45mm diameter)

4 x Large tracks (red)

2 x S-shaped track (blue)

7 x Large Chutes (white)

5 x Flared base pieces (yellow)

1 x Ball-catching piece (green)

8 x Incomplete rings (black)

13 x Rings (black)

1 review for Migoga Junior Marble Run

  1. Natalie Gray (Fusion Speech Therapy Services)

    Absolutely love this marble run! I’ve owned many marble runs over the years and none come close to the quality of this product. It might be expensive but certainly worth every cent. It doesn’t fall over or come apart easily and is hours of entertainment. Highly recommend. THANKS so much for tracking it down for me STARFISH!

    • KirstieW

      Nat, I am so glad you like it. We do too.
      They were so good, I’ve ordered the next level up. The rep assured me they were pretty good at holding together, despite being not as chunky as the Migoga. I think I ordered 1 with all the bells and whistles (adds that have the marbles spinning in circular tracks etc) and another with transparent runners (as I thought kids would be intrigued watching the marbles). They arrived during the week, so my plan was to give them a go to see how solid they are.
      Thank you so much for your message.
      I’m still working on the cause and effect toys. I’ve been building up a range and am planning to write a blog post.
      Hope your weekend is going well.

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