Mindful Movements book


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The Mindful Movements book is a delightful book by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

It describes the 10 physical movement exercises developed by the famous Monk to develop and promote mindfulness and well being.

The book is uncomplicated, beautifully illustrated and easy to follow.

A DVD is included that provides a brief explanation, a full demonstration and then a complete sequence with Thich Nhat Hanh.

I have tried the 10 exercises myself, and found them all smooth, simple and incredibly calming.

They are also quite quick, making them a realistic option for busy people.

These 10 exercises would also be well suited to a preschool or educational setting.  Use them in their entirety or just one movement at a time.

The exercises are quick and easy to incorporate into a classroom after each break (recess, lunch).   Teach students each movement (and they really are easy) then each can be done in just a few minutes. tThe calming benefits make them a worthwhile use of time.

The only exercise that might be a little tricky for some is the one where you need to balance on one foot.  Giving a chair back to hold onto would solve this problem.

Mindfulness, especially mindful movements can promote calm, focus, attention, proprioceptive & interoceptive awareness as well as providing vestibular input (the movements that result in head movement or balance and coordination).

The book is hard cover, and a must have for both personal and professional use.


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