Monkey Around


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Monkey Around is a gorgeous non-competitive game that gets children up and moving, performing simple actions and developing gross motor skills like balancing, hopping and marching.

Take a card that prompts a movement whether it is a “solo” task such “Jump over the banana”  or a “together” task such “Hold hands and spin in a circle”.  This is the perfect way to teach spatial skills, coordination, motor skill development, listening and vocabulary – all while having fun and sharing a special time together.

The game can easily be adapted to suit skills levels by modifying movements for younger children or making them more challenging for older ones.

The bean bag banana adds extra fun and challenge to the game as well.

What we love about Monkey Around

  • An easy first game to introduce young children to the concept of playing games
  • We love the novelty of the  “bean bag banana” and how the game can easily be modified to suit skill levels
  • It develops balance & coordination, the vestibular and proprioception systems all while having fun and without children realising

Game includes 1 game board, 40 movement cards, 1 bean bag banana, parent guide and instructions for game play.

Recommended for 2yrs+

Examples of Solo tasks: Jump over the banana, pretend to be a monkey, balance the banana on your elbow, walk on your hands and feet.  There are 23 solo cards.

Examples of Together tasks: Hold hands and spin in a circle, hold hands and hop around the room, pretend to feed each other the banana, Give a high five.  There are 17 together cards.



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