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The Pencil weight is designed to help develop fine motor control and handwriting.


The Pencil weight is designed to help develop fine motor control and handwriting.

Many find the Pencil Weight makes it easier to write for longer periods of time, and the writing becomes more legible.  Indeed, there is some research supporting this anecdotal evidence (reference at end of this post).

Occupational Therapists may prescribe weights for pencils or pens, for children with poor muscle tone or difficulties knowing how much pressure to apply (eg some children press to hard, tearing through the paper, or press to softly with their pencil).

Providing additional weight gives more proprioceptive input to the muscles and joints in the hand and wrist – alerting the child where their hand is and where the pencil is.

For some children with poor pencil grip, adding a weight to the end of a pencil can help position the pencil into the “web” of the hand between the thumb and the index finger.

Added weight may also help facilitate the use of the smaller finger muscles.

We’ve also heard reports from older students, unused to writing for long lengths of time during exams for example, using weights on their pens for several months prior to an exam.  They remove the weight prior to the exam and then find the hand strength has developed and the lightness of the pen helps them have the handwriting endurance required.

The 1.5oz (approx 43g) provides additional input to the nervous system (proprioceptive sensory system) to help increase teh quality and duration of handwriting activities.

Slip the weight onto a standard pencil and adjust the two rubber rings provided at either end to keep the weight in position.

This weight is best suited to standard thickness pencils (not jumbo or triangular) and pens with a thin shaft.

1.5″L x 0.5″  (3.8cm x 1.27cm)

Steel, Blue.  Pencil not included.

Surface wash and air dry.

Use with adult supervision.

Brown, M. J. (2017). Use of weighted pencils to improve handwriting legibility. Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, 10(1), 52-68.



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