Pipeline Game


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Pipeline is a fantastic family connecting game, where players race to build their pipeline from their starting tap to the opposite side of the board.

The youngest player starts. In turn, players roll the die to choose a piece of pipe and then connect the chosen piece to the starting tap matching the colour of their pipes. Four players have colourful plastic sets of plumbing, straights, angles, T joints and blockers.

On each turn, players may choose to either:

  1. roll the die and connect a piece of pipe,
  2. remove a blocking piece and
  3. remove one previously played piece of pipe.

Once a pipe has been connected, a player’s turn is over. It is not allowed to connect to another player’s pipeline. The first player to connect to any of the four connectors on the finishing pipe wins.

We love the Pipeline Game because:

  • A family connecting game
  • Build your pipeline across the board
  • But watch out for the blockers
  • Great fun for the whole family
  • Quick and easy to play


2 to 4 players


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