The Pixel Photo Peg Board kit is a set designed for solo use with older children & adults to assist with fine motor, visual spatial skills and hand-eye coordination.  It is ideal as an age appropriate activity for older people.

The pegs are quite thin & small and the task requires concentration and dexterity.

The Pixel pegboard takes advantage of technology.  You can create your own pictures by taking a photo, uploading it to  and printing out the sheets.  You can even make your own portrait!

Copy the pixellated sheet by inserting the pegs into the board.  Or create your own pictures or patterns free hand.

The Pixel Peg board kit comes in a handy case/box for easy storage.

It can also be used in group work – as there are 4 white boards.

Consists of:

4 white board (approx 16.5cm x 12.5cm) and 1 black frame (33cm x 25cm)

10o pegs (approx 1.8cm long x 0.4cm) in 6 different colours – red, white, green, yellow, blue, black


Suitable for 6yrs+

Quercetti Pixel Photo 4 0804