Plum 7ft Junior Springsafe Trampoline

Plum 7ft Junior Springsafe Trampoline


The Plum 7ft Junior Springsafe Trampoline are specifically designed to provide a safe bounce for young children as they develop coordination, balance and strength.

The Junior Springsafe Trampoline comes with an enclosure for added safety and security.

Two of the features of this trampoline, make it a particularly good option for younger children or for those with special needs:

  • the springsafe technology, and
  • lower height to the ground (than most other trampolines).

The spring safe technology means fingers and toes are completely protected from the springs and frame parts.

The lower height frame (41cm off the ground) means it is more accessible.

Choose from two colours (blue/green   or  pink/purple)

Suitable for children aged from three to ten years, though we have a local school’s Autism unit with one of these in their yard and it caters for K-6 (up to 12yrs).


Price:  $329.95 + freight

To order:
– Send us an email, give us a ring or message us to let us know what you are after (we will also need your address so we can calculate the freight)
– We will order it and have to shipped direct to you.  You will pay EXACTLY the same amount (not a cent more) as you would have if ordering direct from Plum Play – as we have a fabulous “drop ship” arrangement with them.
YES, you can order direct from Plum Play but we would certainly appreciate the business.
Ordering from us, here at Starfish, means you may be able to utilise NDIS funding (as we are NDIS Providers).  If you are Plan Managed, we will include the Trampoline (along with any other items you have ordered)  in the invoice sent to your Plan Manager.


Child Safe Enclosure

Plum®’s enclosure design protects little jumpers from falling out in case they lose balance.  The net helps to ensure jumpers who do go off track land on the soft mesh netting or thick foam pads rather than potentially sustain an injury from coming in contact with the ground, making this the class leading trampoline in safety features and design. Plum’s unique enclosure design has a base footprint of a 7ft trampoline but a large internal jumping area of an 8ft size trampoline. The enclosure is also secured with strong fibreglass poles, running around the top of the enclosure net highlighting a neat, sophisticated finish.


Lower Height and Galvanised Steel Frame

A lower height frame design makes it easier for young kids to get in and out of and with the reduced height between the trampoline and the ground it significantly reduces the risk of falling or serious injury. Plum’s trampoline frame is made from thick steel, which provides a strong and stable foundation allowing kids of all ages and sizes to get the best possible bounce experience.  Every steel component including the frame, legs and enclosure poles are galvanised inside and out for rust free protection, meaning your family will have years of fun.


Extra Thick, UV Treated Foam Pads

The thick safety pads and jumping mat are sewn together with an elastic material which stops little jumpers getting in contact with the springs making it completely Springsafe™ while still allowing for a fun, exciting bounce on the trampoline.

Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world, so Plum® has produced our pads with a high quality PVC rubber that is UV treated to ensure they won’t fade or disintegrate and protect your children for years to come.


Zinc Coated Springs

The Plum® 7ft Junior Jumper trampoline comes with 36, high quality zinc coated springs which not only ensure a class leading bounce, but are designed to last.


Unique Coloured Legs

The plastic leg covers add another element of enjoyment and unique design allowing kids to have a bright multi-coloured trampoline.


Product Specifications

  • Supplied with spring loading tool for easy assembly
  • Supplied flat packed with easy assembly instructions
  • Recommended age: 3 to 10 years
  • Max user weight: 50kgs
  • Assembled size:  L2.10 x W2.10 x H2.00m



  • Please allow a 2.50m safety perimeter
  • Adult supervision required at all times
  • No more than one person at any one time
  • Minimum user age 3 years, maximum user weight 50kg
  • Adult assembly required
  • Only for outdoor domestic use


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