Quercetti Georello Park you can build any type of park you can dream of with animals, people, trees and a spinner. The blocks interlock to form a base and then using the connectors to insert the gears so they can all move together at the same time, and then decorate with the characters, animals and pegs. Then turn the crank to create a spectacular chain reaction effect.

We love the Quercetti Georello Park, for its large objects, making it safe for children from 3yrs+ to play. Its very good quality, we have had a lot of feedback on how soft and nice it feels to touch.


The Quercetti Georello Park includes:

  • 48 pegs (15 mm diameter) in 6 different colours
  • 4 palm trees
  • 1 spinner
  • 3 characters
  • 8 animals
  • 6 small gears
  • 1 large gear
  • 6 middle gears
  • 12 interlocking plates
  • 20 connectors