Quiddler Junior is a fun word making game that develops literacy skills (without children even realising). Quiddler Junior has received several awards – no wonder, we play it and think it’s brilliant.  Quiddler Junior has rapidly become a staple in our tutoring centre. Quiddler Junior is designed especially for kids – ideally, for 6yr olds and up (in terms of reading age).  Early readers and masters alike can play this easy to learn, quick to play card game.  Quiddler Junior sharpens spelling skills and increases vocabulary as well as critical thinking.  It helps kids conquer the world of letter recognition to spelling sight words and beyond.  A dictionary can be used when challenging a word of another player, and you can also use s dictionary to look up words.  Kids also practice their addition skills using the point chips to keep score. It is sort of like playing rummy, where you pick up a card and discard on your turn…all the while trying to make a word with the cards in your hand and make the biggest total in points. Each round, an extra card is dealt to each players hand, so first round starts with two cards per player…building up to the last round of 7 cards.