Repaired Zippers Dark Den -Reduced Price-

///Repaired Zippers Dark Den -Reduced Price-

Repaired Zippers Dark Den -Reduced Price-

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The Dark Den is a fantastic, practical and sturdy addition to any sensory room, classroom, therapeutic space or home.


The Dark Den is a fantastic, practical and sturdy addition to any sensory room, classroom, therapeutic space or home.

The dark den is strong and hard wearing.  Whilst it can be disassembled if need be, it is designed to stay up (and not easily come apart).  It is light, safe and easily tightened corners.  It comes with a built in floor.

The dark den has zip close-able doors and windows, and is made from 98% light-proof fabric which means that children have a truly private dark space that they can retreat to or play in with the aid of torches or other safe light features (eg kaleidoscope projectors, mood lights, flash & glow balls, light up soft toys etc).

The dark den is well suited to children who have sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder or are on the spectrum – as it offers a calming space with reduced sensory stimulation.

The dark den measures: 139 x 100 x 121cm assembled and is a hexagonal shape.

The dark den is made from a washable fabric, though our supplier has advise that it may shrink slightly on first wash.

When assembled, the dark den is very taut.  Please be aware the zippers are NOT heavy duty, and how tight the canvas is on the frame means the zippers potentially become the “weak point”.

We strongly recommend spraying silicone on the zippers, opening & closing the zippers when the material is flat, and being very careful with them.  Some customers have even sewn the zippers (on the windows) shut.

The dark dens are very popular.  We have had a few occasions where customers have let us know that the zippers have broken but for the most part it hasn’t been an issue.  Every person though, without fail, has said that it is the best sensory den they’ve ever used and the children have loved them.

When purchasing the dark den, please be aware the zippers are their achilles heal and care is needed.  We are unable to replace or refund a Dark Den due to broken zippers.


Since these certain dark dens have had their zippers replaced, there is no original packaging.

If you decide to order one these Dark Den’s, you will receive all items packaged in generous layers of bubble wrap inside a box or satchel.

Thank you for your understanding.



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