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Think Fun Roll and Play


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Designed for toddlers, so this game is sure to be a hit! Its a super easy concept,  you simply toss the big plush cube and identify which coloured side faces up, then choose a matching colour card and perform the activity shown.

14 in stock

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Think Fun Roll and Play is a fantastic game for toddlers and preschoolers.

A brilliant first game for little ones, that will have the whole family or group joining in.

Roll the cube (dice).  Take a card that mathces the colour shown on the dice – and perform the task shown.

With every roll there are endless possibilities.  Roll and Play introduces taking turns, playing by simple rules and interacting positively.

The coloured cards cover topics such as: emotions, animal noises, colours, numbers, anguage skils and movement.

This family bonding game encurages creativity, active play and gross motor skills.

It is ideal as an indoor game that gets children moving.

It is quick and easy to play and can easily cater to 2 or 10 players!

Roll and Play is one of our best sellers.




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