The ruler magnifier is a sturdy clear perspex ruler with an in-built 2x magnifier the full length of the ruler.  It is ideal for reading fine print, for those with low vision and for enlarging the font for those with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

The ruler magnifier is a 20cm ruler with both centimetres (in red) and inches (in black) scales.

It has convenient grasp points that make it easy to use, hold steady and slide down arm across a page.

The bar ruler magnifier doubles the print size and lies flat on the surface.

We often use ours during tutoring when a font is too small and find it helps support the reading process.  Research shows that just by increasing the font size, it is possible to make a text more readable (increasing text readability).  It can also support readers who have visual tracking problems or ADHD and often lose their place when reading.