Say Please Little Pig is a fun cooperative board game that encourages team building, communication and learning manners.

Work together to help the two pigs on the farm learn about manners.

Spin the spinner to determine how many spaces the pigs move along the board. You could potentially land on a ‘manners’ tile, which means you are required to draw a manner card from the shuffled pile and either recognise it as a correct or incorrect manner behaviour.

But be careful, the 4 little piglets roaming around will try and distract you with their mischievous messy habits. These can occur if you spin the spinner and it lands on the little piglet icon. Landing on the little piglets mean that one little piggy gets to jump into mud and cause mischief. If all the piglets jump in the mud the Pigs can’t help but jump in as well which means they don’t make it to the carnival. Do your best at identifying the manners as correct or incorrect behaviours to avoid them jumping in the mud!

Say Please Little Pigs Includes

  • 1x Game Board
  • 30X Manners cards
  • 2x Stand up pigs
  • 1x Spinner
  • 4x Piglet tiles
  • 1x Manners key
  • 1x Instructions booklet

Recommended  for ages 4+

2 – 4 Players